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24 Şubat 2024 - 15:12


Northman: Innovative and Reliable Solutions in Maritime

Northman brings together luxury, technology and safety in the maritime world with the Northman 1200, the latest offering in the motor yachts segment. Northman, which started its journey as a small family business and has now become a world-renowned shipyard, is focused on maximizing customer satisfaction and product quality.

Northman, which started its adventure under the Marintek brand in 1997, reached its peak with a completely new product range in 2002, and has become a pioneer in the sector with the principle of continuous development of technology and focusing on customer expectations. The Research and Development Center, opened in 2019, was established to support the company’s expansion and innovative work.

Northman has rapidly increased its production capacity from a few units per year to over 100. This success has been supported by the selection of a quality and professional team. The shipyard’s ability to produce yachts according to non-standard demands, combined with the use of high-quality materials and constant inspection, reflects its ability to offer customers the best solutions.

Northman’s own sailing yacht models Maxus and motor yachts have gained popularity in the maritime world. Ships bearing the CE mark are proven by their compliance with high standards and European requirements.

Northman yachts are ideal for a variety of maritime activities, from inland to offshore. The safety and certification processes of the boats were carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Polish Maritime Registry as well as other international registry and organizations.

Northman continues to offer excellent products with an experienced and innovative team, prioritizing customer satisfaction. Each yacht is designed to deliver the ultimate maritime experience, combining safety, performance and luxury.

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