Morris Yachts

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Morris Yachts

Morris Yachts

Morris Yachts is a brand known for the value it adds to the legendary world of sailboats. These steps, whose origins were taken by Tom Morris in 1972, continue to this day as a continuation of the family tradition. Tom Morris and his son Cuyler Morris’ lifelong passion for sailing and a design approach inspired by the unique beauty of Maine have made Morris Yachts a pinnacle brand in the industry.

Combination of Quality and Performance: Summary of Morris Yachts
Morris Yachts’ core philosophy is that every boat should be stunning, deliver superior performance and be built with quality, precision and care. Handcrafted one by one by Maine’s finest craftsmen, these sailboats reflect the family tradition started by Tom Morris and now continued by his son, Cuyler Morris. Each boat allows the owner to express his values, passion and individuality in the most powerful way.

Innovation and Tradition: Highlights of Morris Yachts
Morris Yachts continually delivers new levels of performance and satisfaction through expert engineering and manufacturing innovations, while maintaining the timeless style of classic yacht design. Carbon fiber, Kevlar composites and cutting-edge design concepts increase the performance and safety of modern airframes. But beyond these innovations, Morris Yachts’ greatest strength lies in its traditional craftsmanship and meticulous polish.

Pride of Ownership and Quality Guarantee: The Morris Difference
Morris Yachts aims to build the finest semi-custom sailboats detailed to each owner’s vision. Ensuring that owners have good times on beautiful boats ensures the long-term profitability and stability of the company. Morris owners celebrate their passion for sailing and their individual style, and demonstrate their commitment to quality and excellence in every aspect of their boats.

Morris Yachts has had a legacy that has left its mark on the yachting world over the years. Each boat is a reflection of Maine’s natural beauty and maritime tradition. For Morris owners, owning a Morris is not just about owning a boat, it is also an expression of sharing a lifestyle and passion.

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