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Message from the President

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06 Eylül 2023 - 16:13

Message from the President

Dear Friends of the Seafarers,

Boats Group contributes to industrial production and has great pride with the fast and reliable content it offers to maritime enthusiasts around the world. Currently, Boats Group, which operates in 4 different countries in 3 continents, has 29 digital e-journals, cooperation with 39 different brands and It serves maritime enthusiasts with 19 Turkish 30 English 49 news websites. This wide network gives you access to the quality content you get by taking part in the maritime industry at its best. As Boats Group, our activities are designed for the purposes of maritime enthusiasts.

In this way, we reflect our belief in contributing to economic growth and dominating the world that dominates the seas. You, our esteemed Members, are our most valuable assets in this growth journey. The basis of our success in the sector is the support of our passionate and forward-thinking members like you.

Growth Potential in the Maritime Sector:

Turkey’s Rise in the Seas Today, we are very excited to share with you the extraordinary growth potential of Turkey in the maritime sector. As Boats Group, we make an important contribution to the world maritime scene with the magnificent content we offer to maritime enthusiasts and our investments. Together, we move the maritime world forward with fast and reliable content. Turkey’s Maritime Sector Gains Momentum! in recent years

Turkey’s maritime sector has gained great momentum.

According to Boats Group data, the commercial boat portfolio in our country has been enriched with 5,500 boats and it is seen that this portfolio represents an economic value of 500 million dollars for overnight stays.

When tour boats and other sea experiences are taken into account, this figure reaches approximately 1 billion dollars. If we consider the cruise market, the maritime sector has a total volume of 2 billion dollars. However, the share of the rental market on a global scale is still low. Despite the $325 billion size of the global market, Turkey’s share in the rental market is only around $2 billion. Considering Turkey’s growth potential in the maritime sector, this appears to be a rather low problem.

Moreover, considering the fact that our country is surrounded by seas, the coastline is 8333 kilometers long and our paradise bays are taken into account, this situation can be considered as a very sad picture.

On the Way to Rise in the Shipbuilding Industry!

When it comes to the shipbuilding industry, Turkey has the potential for further growth in an arena dominated by big players.

While 95% of the shipbuilding market is dominated by large countries such as China, South Korea and Japan, Turkey’s market share is only 5% with other players. 90 shipyards in our country are located in cities such as Istanbul, Yalova, Antalya, Kocaeli, Muğla, Trabzon, Zonguldak, Çanakkale and Adana. These figures show that Turkey has more growth potential in the shipbuilding sector.

Türkiye Shines in Yacht Manufacturing Industry!

When we come to the yacht manufacturing industry, Turkey ranks 2nd after Italy in the world list in terms of super yacht construction in 2022, with an increase of 15%. The global yacht market is expected to experience significant growth in the period between 2022 and 2027. More than 1,000 yachts were built or ordered in 2022, which is 24.7% higher than in 2021. This figure is even higher than the all-time high of 2009.

This growth in Turkey’s yacht manufacturing industry shows its potential and competitiveness in the sector. Especially when we have a serious loss due to equipment and spare parts manufacturing certifications, we are certain.

In conclusion…

It is our Pledge to Grow the Maritime Industry.

As Boats Group, we continue to increase our influence in the sector and meet more maritime enthusiasts with this and mental strength.

Once again, thank you for being part of the Boats Group family.

Whoever Dominates the Seas Dominates the World

It is our Pledge to Grow the Maritime Industry.

Kind regards

Bilal YAZKAN Founder | Media Boss | Boats Group