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Fjord Yachts

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13 Şubat 2024 - 13:12

Fjord Yachts

Marivent Yachts: Innovative Yacht Vision of the Future

Marivent Yachts is a company that offers an innovative vision for the future, offering a distinguished selection of diverse and unique yachts with a wide range of “All-in-One” services. Founder Oliver Fröls’ 18 years of experience and management of Jets Marivent, one of the leading distributors of Bombardier personal watercraft, quads and outboards, show that the company has a solid knowledge and experience.

With six branches and a network of 700 dealers in Europe, Marivent Yachts has strengthened its position. The company offers a wide range of yachts and services while representing an innovative vision of the future.

Fjord Yachts: Harmonious Meeting of Design and Performance

Since the success of the Fjord 40 Open, Fjord Yachts has become known for its challenging design with a strong external impact while focusing on smart comfort on the inside. High speed and magnificent design are in the DNA of every Fjord motor yacht. This perfect balance is meticulously maintained by world-class experts.

Fjord Yachts is managed by an experienced team, each of whom works devotedly to produce yachts that offer elegant design and superior performance to their customers.

Marivent Yachts and Fjord Yachts have come together to offer an excellent experience to sailing enthusiasts and aim to play a leading role in the yacht industry of the future.

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