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Elan Yachts

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11 Şubat 2024 - 19:12

Elan Yachts

Elan Yachts: The Symbol of Perfect Balance at Sea

Elan Yachts shapes the next generation of yachts by offering a perfect balance between performance, comfort, ease of use and safety. By challenging accepted standards, we increase time on the water and deliver a richer experience.

Every yacht that leaves our 16,000 square meter shipyard in Slovenia reflects the innovation-driven quality boatbuilding that is the result of our 70 years of passion. Elan embodies a true passion for sailing, technological innovation and original design.

Working with Humphreys Yacht Design, we deliver first-class designs. The design team, led by Rob Humphreys, continually strives to achieve the perfect racer-cruiser balance. The Elan series targets a wide range of users, from professional sailors to families.

In addition to being designed for fast passage, boat races and other racing events, Elan yachts also prioritize comfort and safety, turning the pleasure of driving into an experience that everyone can enjoy. We also stand out with more specialized cruise lines such as the Impression series.

The Elan/Humphreys team is constantly looking to discover new developments and respond to owner feedback. This approach gives our brand a high level of customer loyalty and turns into a passionate design team. Elan Yachts remains the first choice for anyone looking for the perfect balance in sailing.

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