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Coastal Craft Yachts

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10 Şubat 2024 - 21:07

Coastal Craft Yachts

Coastal Craft Yachts

Coastal Craft Yachts: The Combination of High Performance Water Cruising and Luxury
Coastal Craft Yachts t has found its home in the seaside town of Gibsons on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast, surrounded by the spectacular views of Howe Sound. Gibsons residents have found their homes on the water for generations, and the town’s harbor is home to many boats that reflect the unique detail and functionality of craftsmanship.

Coastal Craft, which began production in 1996, initially focused on producing reliable and efficient water taxis and crew transport boats. Known for its aluminum bodies, the company has reached a respected position in the industry in a short time. Later, Coastal Craft stepped into the pleasure boat market and started to build yachts that combine the power and reliability of work boats with luxury and aesthetic details.

The story of Coastal Craft is a tale of vision, perseverance and the pursuit of excellence. Through the combination of leadership and local artisans, the company has proven itself on its journey to create significant value for families, customers and communities.

Coastal Crafts Timeline
1996 – Beginnings: Production of the first sea taxis and crew transport boats began.

2004 – New Techniques and Directives: The manufacturing process was improved by using CNC cut plate materials and modern design tools.

2006 – New Directions: Production of pleasure yachts started in line with customer demands, and existing models were updated with luxury finishes.

2009 – Evolving Designs: Innovative features such as smart boat technology and high-capacity lithium home batteries are introduced.

2010 – State of the Art Joinery Shop: The wood joinery shop was updated with modern 3D design software.

2012 – Motor Yachts: The flagship 56′ powered by Volvo IPS 1200 is introduced, the company turns into a yacht manufacturer.

2014 – Award Winning: They introduced one of their first award-winning yachts, the 65′ Concord.

2018 – Full Circle: A return to the small boat market was made, ProFish and ExpressFish models attracted great attention.

2020 – Continued Success: Outboard engine options expanded, new sedan models 41′ T and 42′ ExpressFish launched.

Coastal Craft Yachts continues to add excitement to journeys on the water as an innovative brand that combines quality, performance and luxury.

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