Amer Yacht

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09 Şubat 2024 - 13:36

Amer Yacht

Amer Yacht: A Passion in Sailing

The story of Amer Yacht was written in 1973 by Permare Group with the aim of providing marine services to a growing clientele from Liguria and the French Riviera.

In the early 90s, Permare shipyard crowned its quality and customization concepts in the marine segment by starting to produce boats with its own brand “Amer Yachts”. More than 80 specially designed yachts were produced for Italian and foreign customers during this period, and Amer Yachts is considered an example of craftsmanship in the industry.

Permare Group, a family company, continues its success today by bringing together three generations. While founder Fernando Amerio and his sons Barbara and Rodolfo, who are actively involved in operations, assume the leadership of the company, the third generation shapes their vision for the future.

Permare Group plays an important role in the shipbuilding industry. It has also reinforced its expertise in shipbuilding by incorporating powerful structures such as Cantiere Sanremo Shipyard, Cantieri del Mediterraneo and Cantieri del Ponente. These shipyards offer a wide range of services for routine maintenance and major overhauls of ships.

It also expands Amer Yacht’s influence in the maritime industry with services such as the sale of second-hand boats and boat rental worldwide. The company constantly invests in new projects based on customer satisfaction and achieves a strong position in the international market.

The basis of Amer Yacht’s success lies in the importance given to quality, continuous innovation and customer-oriented service approach. Additionally, the company’s environmentally friendly design and production approach supports its vision of creating a sustainable maritime industry for future generations.

Amer Yacht is a brand shaped by a passionate family tradition and aiming for excellence in maritime. It is determined to maintain its leadership in the sector with its innovative projects for the future and its environmentally friendly approach.

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